All of Your Questions About Scholarships, Answered

Winning a full-ride scholarship is no walk in the park, with the primary reason being that these scholarships are worth a LOT of money! 

To be honest, my advice on how to get a full-ride scholarship is not much different from my advice on how to win any other scholarship. Here are the two exceptions.

Some, but not all, full-ride scholarships have some element of financial need involved. This means that you can be more likely to expect an additional essay question along the lines of “Why do you deserve this scholarship?”. If you come across this prompt, make sure you know the right way to answer it (hint: DON’T start your essay with “I deserve this scholarship because…”). 

Second, many full-ride scholarships will require finalists to interview with the scholarship committee before being officially selected or not selected for an award. When you apply for full-ride opportunities, be prepared for the interviews.

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