Are AES Loans Federal or Private?

It is critical to know the difference between federal and private student loans.

Federal student loans have better repayment plans and forgiveness options. Eliminating private student loans usually requires using different strategies.

If your loans are with AES, it might not be obvious whether they are federal or private. The good news is that it is easy to determine the status of the loans definitively.

How to Tell if Your AES Loans are Federal or Private

If you are looking for certainty, the best option is to visit and pull up your account.

The Department of Education runs, and they keep detailed records of all federal student loans. These records include loan balances, interest rates, and servicer information.

If your AES loans are not listed in the federal database, it means they are private loans.

Are You Lost? Navigating isn’t always easy. If you want turn-by-turn directions to find your loan information, use this guide to navigate the federal database.

Tips for Borrowers with AES Federal Loans

One of the many perks of having federal student loans is that the rules are the same regardless of who services your loans. In other words, AES federal loans have the same repayment plans and forgiveness options as Navient, MyFedLoan, and MOHELA federal loans.

Many federal borrowers just look for the repayment plan with the lowest monthly payment. However, the best approach is for borrowers to develop a plan to eliminate their loans. In some cases, it means pursuing the various options for student loan forgiveness.

When picking a repayment plan, there are many different options and strategies to consider. If you want estimates on monthly payments, the Department of Education’s Loan Simulator can use your actual loan information to predict monthly payments on the various plans.

Tips for Borrowers with AES Private Loans

Private loans are notoriously more strict than federal student loans. Monthly minimum payments are often large, and forgiveness options are rarely available.

For this reason, many borrowers elect to pay off their private loans as quickly as possible — even if the loans have lower interest rates than the federal loans.

Because AES is the servicer of the loans and not the lender, they usually can’t offer borrowers much flexibility beyond what is specified in the original loan contract. When borrowers are struggling or looking for help, AES stands between the borrower and the lender. If you have a specific request, sometimes the best route is to ask AES to ask the loan holder.

Unfortuantely, there isn’t an option to easily convert AES private loans into federal loans.

Simplifying Private Loan Repayment: A popular option is refinancing your private loans with a new lender. Borrowers can refinance to get lower interest rates and to work with a new lender.

Refinancing is risky for federal borrowers, but because private loans don’t have income-driven repayment plans or student loan forgiveness, refinancing private loans is much safer.

If your interest rates are high or you are unhappy with your servicer, be sure to check out the guide to student loan refinancing.

How to Contact AES

To avoid disputes about who said what, I recommend that borrowers communicate with their lenders and servicers via email. AES borrowers can send an email directly to AES.

Borrowers can call AES at this number: 1-800-233-0557.

AES uses several different addresses, depending upon what you are mailing:

Send Payments to:
American Education Services (AES)
P.O. Box 65093
Baltimore, MD 21264-5093

Send Letters and Correspondence to:
American Education Services
P.O. Box 2461
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461

Send Payments Express/Overnight Deliveries to:
American Education Services
Box #65093
1800 Washington Blvd., 8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21230

Send Express/Overnight Letters and Correspondence Deliveries to:
American Education Services
1200 North 7th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Send Conditional Payments to:
AES – Conditional Payments
P.O. Box 2251
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2251

Send Credit Disputes to:
AES Credit
P.O. Box 61047
Harrisburg, PA 17106-1047

Additionally, AES has a consumer advocate. This office can help you if you believe AES has made a mistake. Contact information for the consumer advocate is available here.

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