Disability Insurance for Nurses: Income Protection for Your Loved Ones

You’ve committed years to your nursing education and training, as well as countless hours carrying the weight of your patients’ wellbeing. But a serious injury or illness could suddenly change the trajectory of your nursing career and harm you and your family financially. That’s why disability insurance is a must-have for most nurses.

Your employer might provide some level of partial disability insurance. Have you looked into this benefit? It’s fine if not, most nurses, NPs, and CRNAs don’t.

You might be surprised to learn that many hospital and association group disability policies fall short when it’s time to file an insurance claim. An individual policy can either supplement existing coverage or provide adequate protection on its own.

Employers often limit benefits to short-term disability only. If they do provide coverage, the benefit might be a fraction of your earnings. Furthermore, with so many nurses taking travel nursing jobs, an individual disability policy can also provide portability as you move between jobs.

We’ll discuss what other nurses are doing with their disability insurance and why you’d want to consider purchasing your own policy, including coverage levels and the approximate cost.

Nurses need disability insurance — here’s why

You might not think you need a disability insurance policy considering your age and overall health. But according to the Social Security Administration, one in every four workers will experience a disability before they hit retirement age.

My mom worked for over 30 years as a labor and delivery nurse. There were three incidents that could’ve been a financial disaster for our family if they’d happened differently.

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