Disability Scholarships for Higher Education

One piece of advice that I always tell students in relation to the process of searching and applying for scholarships, is to break down and identify each and every thing that defines who you are as a student and as a person in general so you can search strategically and maximize your potential sources for financial aid.

If you’re a student with a disability, know that there are lots of great disability grants and scholarships out there that you may be eligible to apply for to help you pay for college.

Disability scholarships can stem from a wide variety of sources. First up we have the colleges and universities themselves. Whether you’re still in high school or currently enrolled in college, you can certainly reach out to your future or current institution’s financial aid office to inquire about scholarships that are specific to you.

Second, students with disabilities can also look into the US Department of Education’s TRIO Program, which aims to assist individuals with disadvantages (disabilities, low-income, first-generation) with the resources that they need to obtain a higher education degree.

In addition to leveraging those school-specific disability scholarships and the TRIO Program, you can find these types of scholarships for students being offered through large corporations, government organizations, disability groups, and non-profit organizations.

Since there are so many disability scholarship opportunities being offered in the latter category (non-college or university scholarships), in this post, I will focus more on those! Read on to learn about 25 great scholarship opportunities for disabled students.

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