Here’s The Latest on COVID Vaccine Scholarships

Vaccine scholarships are prizes awarded to students who have proven that they have gotten either one or both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. These scholarship programs would definitely be considered easy scholarships by most since there are very few conventional requirements to apply (no essay – wahoo!)

Some of these initiatives are run by individual states (in the same vein as state-based financial aid programs), so a student who wants to participate must be a resident of that given state. These initiatives are being run in conjunction with others that are being operated by specific colleges and universities, where you have to be enrolled in order to take part in the fun. 

Most programs are open to middle and high school students (ages 12-17), but terms vary from place to place. Ultimately, each entity participating in this type of initiative has its own unique eligibility requirements and prizes being offered.

Keep reading to learn about the different states and colleges that are offering scholarships to students who get vaccinated, along with the latest news on each. 

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